Projects supported and successfully completed in Shyira include:

  • A maternity hospital built.
  • Two midwives trained by providing funding for them to attend university.
  • The primary school restored.
  • Students funded through the Groupe Scolaire Secondary School sponsorship scheme.
  • The homes of 21 child-headed families built.
  • Of the 21 heads of family, each completed an apprenticeship in building/construction or in dressmaking and the Trust provided equipment to allow them to start work.
  • A children’s centre completed next to the parish church of St Mark’s (linked to St Luke’s) for multipurpose use.
  • Land sufficient for 8,500 coffee plants purchased.
  • A chicken farming project funded which provided for people living with HIV.
  • Financial support for ministry in Shyira.
  • St Luke’s Church has provided funds for several years through 50% of its Lent project for the construction of church/community centre in Butaka, NW of Shyira on the border with the DRC.

Within the wider Kivu region, projects supported and successfully concluded include:

  • The purchase of the land for a new district hospital built by the Government in the valley below Shyira.
  • The relocation of the people from the said land.
  • Construction of a large kitchen for use of carers at the new hospital.
  • Improved the laundry facilities at the new hospital.
  • Financed the salaries of 3 midwives for 3 years.
  • Repaired storm damaged primary school in Mutura.
  • Provided a health post at Ngoma.
  • Equipped a health centre at Mutaho.
  • Supported Mothers’ Union ‘Revolving Goat’ scheme and educational programmes.
  • Supported pastor training.
  • Supported homes damaged by flash floods.