Patron: The Rt. Revd Paul Bayes, Bishop of Liverpool.

What the Trust does

The Trust was registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales in 2006 to continue work started by St. Luke's Church Formby, and maintains its Christian heritage. The Trust has a constitution approved by the Charity Commission.

It exists to serve the people of Rwanda by helping in the advancement of education and medical services. Its work has been based around Shyira in the North West, but is now moving to a slightly wider area. By working with one quite small but important community it has been possible to make a real difference to people's lives.

The Trust works through local people to promote development and does not hand out funding to individuals unless it will promote longer term development.

Through the work of the Trust many personal friendships have developed, and friendship between people has been promoted.

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What we do

We make periodic visits to Shyira, and may take people with us. People going are often concerned to know what they will do in Rwanda. Our usual answer is to go and meet people. Visitors are not expected to work, and we discourage them from doingPole Lathe so unless the purpose is to provide training. We never want to go and do things people can do for themselves because that reduces their earning power.

An example of training people in Shyira is the making and use of a treadle operated wood turning lathe as shown in the picture.

As a way of sealing friendships we have, when funding was available, brought people from Rwanda to the UK. For example, we brought two staff and two students from Groupe Scolaire, a secondary school in Shyira, to spend time in a Formby school.

How we work

The people of Shyira are quite skilled and are able to do most things for themselves. The problem they have is that they do not have money to pay for materials or labour.

By providing funding we enable them to purchase materials and to be paid for the work they do. Most money will be spent locally and so will be recycled through the local economy benefiting the entire community.

One thing we never do is to carry out work ourselves that the people of Shyira are able to do.