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Geography of Rwanda

Land of a Thousand Hills.

Rwanda is known by many as the land of a thousand hills, and the name is quite appropriate - see the picture below. Much of its western border is in the western arm of the rift valley, the Albertine rift, with Lake Kivu forming half its length. The northern border with Uganda and DRC is marked by a range of mostly extinct volcanoes, although two, located in DRC, are still active. The central regions are marked by hills with savanna to the east of the country

On the road to the North West from Kigali

The Country.

Rwanda is a small but heavily populated country in east-central Africa. It is about the size of Wales and has a population of about 11.5 Million people. Located around two degrees south of the equator it is on the wartershed of Africa and has a comfortable climate because of its altitude.

Map of Rwanda

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Rivers of Rwanda.

The mountains to the east of Lake Kivu form the Nile-Congo divide. Rivers to the east of the divide flow north-east to Lake Victoria then they flow into the Nile, travelling north to the Mediterranean.

Rivers to the west of the divide travel south to Lake Tanganyika then to the Congo River and the Atlantic Ocean.

Lake Kivu from near Gisenyi