Patron: The Rt. Revd Paul Bayes, Bishop of Liverpool.

New Children's Centre

It is thought that 60% of people in Rwanda are less than 20 years of age. Among those young people there are many orphans with most of the others living in poverty.

Children are generally expected to contribute to their family income by working or perhaps by caring for siblings to enable their parents to work.

Children meet under a tree

Outside of school hours there is little provision for children. The picture shows a group meeting on a Sunday morning under a tree. The children say that it can be very hot when the sun shines because the cover provided by the tree is not sufficient. When it rains they can't meet.

A requested solution

The people asked if we can help build a children's centre. They wanted a building that will accommodate 300 children for Sunday School and other weekend activities, and can be used for after school clubs. When children are in school the plan would be to use the building for adult literary and education.

We asked for plans and a building was designed with three meeting rooms and a storage area. Two of the rooms were to be separated by a foldable screen, this allowing for a large room to be available.

The incomplete children's centre in useWe agreed to provide money for materials and labour, and also for the purchase of teaching material and staff training. This has not been a high profile project, but has been supported by St. Luke's church, alternative gifts and some other giving. Immediately the building had a roof it started to be used, as shown in the picture.

Completing the centre

The building is weatherproof, but needs completing inside. The work required is: