Patron: The Rt. Revd Paul Bayes, Bishop of Liverpool.

Child Sponsorship in Secondary Education

“You're from Formby” said the young man as he approached two trustees in the middle of Musanze’s main shopping street.    “Yes”, they agreed, “but how did you know?” “I’ve seen you at Groupe Scolaire. I was a sponsored student in 2003 when you visited us. When I left school I went to university and got a degree. Now I’m a teacher. I’m an orphan and without your sponsorship could not be where I am now. You've given me a life clear of poverty. Thank you."

Education can change lives, but many young people are orphans or are are from very poor families. They are unable to pay the cost of attending school and potentially will follow their parents in living a life in extreme poverty.

Over a ten year period we have had 155 children sponsored in Groupe Scolaire de Shyira. Most of the children sponsored in the year 2012 are in the picture below.

Sponsored children at Groupe Scolaire, May 2012.

In the past all children in Groupe Scolaire were required to board and so had to pay for food and accommodation as well as paying for a uniform, teaching materials and national examination fees.

Now the school is allowed to take day students from the local community who do not board but must pay for uniform, teaching materials and exam fees.

The school also takes boarders who should pay for food and accommodation in addition to paying for uniform, etc., the same as day students. Boarders are usually orphans or other children from very poor families and so are unable to pay their fees.

The cost of school attendance is quite low when viewed from developed western countries, but for the children of Rwanda it is often prohibitively expensive.

In 2015 the cost for a day student is £72.50 and for a boarder is £135.00, these including a charge of £1.00 that covers the Trusts administration and banking fees. Except for that £1.00 per student all sponsorship money goes to Groupe Scolaire.

We encourage sponsors and students to exchange letters so that a true and possibly lasting relationship develops.

If you are interested in sponsoring a child please download our sponsorship form or contact us through this website