Patron: The Rt. Revd Paul Bayes, Bishop of Liverpool.

Alternative Gifts

Alternative gifts are offered by many charities as a way of enabling people to donate to a particular aspect of the charity's work while sending gifts to a friend. If you haven't come across them before please look at our gift catalogue for a full explanation.

You will see from the catalogue that we have gifts for:

Unlike most other charities we do not make any deductions to cover our own running costs. We include a charge of £1.00 with each gift to cover postage and the cost of an African -made card. All other money goes to Rwanda.

Please select gifts from the catalogue and let us know what you want using the order form.

Who benefits from Alternative Gifts?

Child headed families receive beds, goats, etc.The people of Shyira and the surrounding countryside are the beneficiaries of alternative gifts. Money is sent to Shyira along with details of what it has been given for.

The pastor of Shyira and the Parish Council are responsible for ensuring that money is used according to the wishes of the donor. The pictures here were sent to us from Shyira and show members of child-headed families receiving gifts. Beds, mosquito Children with farming equipmentnets and goats in the top picture and gardening implements in the other.

The pictures show how gifts are managed for child headed families. Gifts for other groups are managed differently, but always under the control of Shyira parish and in the most appropriate way to ensure that your money is used as you specified.

Perhaps you are just looking for ways to help people in Rwanda.

Our alternative gift catalogue has been developed in consultation with people in Rwanda and so indicates what the needs are in the community of Shyira and the surrounding areas.

There may be some group or project that you would like to help, but you don't want to actually send an alternative gift. If you use the catalogue and indicate on the form what it is you want us to do with your money, then add "No card Required" instead of saying who the gift is for we shall understand your wishes.

We will send you a letter of thanks, and ensure the money is used as you want.