Patron: The Rt. Revd Paul Bayes, Bishop of Liverpool.

Achievements of the Shyira Trust

To understand what has been achieved in Shyira, you must understand what it was like when we first went there. The following picture shows the primary school when a group from St Luke's visited in August 2001.

.Primary school after the genocide war

The school had no doors or windows, most desks had been used for firewood and those remaining were damaged, the roof leaked and some ceiling panels were missing or damaged by water.

What we have done ourselves.

Since 2001 a total of £240,495 has been sent to Rwanda. Some of this has been small amounts for a particular purpose or person, but several major projects have been completed.

The restored primary school

The Trust gained funding from the Global Community Links Programme, funded by DFID, to bring five people from Rwanda and tell about the effects of poverty on their lives.

What other people have done.

The Rotary Club of Formby has carried out three projects in Shyira at a total cost of approximately £57,000. They were the equipping of the maternity hospital, provision of books and equipment for the three secondary schools and provision of furniture and equipment for the hospice.

Range High School have had two students visit Shyira and have provided music and library facilities for Groupe Scolaire. Rwanda is included in their curriculum

Formby High School have had a staff member visit Shyira and have provided a generator for ACEC.

St. Luke's primary have had a staff member visit Shyira Primary and have supported the work of the Trust